When Metaverse started to trend in 2021, a new way of marketing entered the digital world. This universe promises an innovative step into the future by letting users create avatars and virtual environments which mimic the real world. Ultimately, allowing users to also sell and purchase virtual goods.

According to the reports, metaverse hosts 400 million monthly active users (2022). This means that companies need to target the generational audience on such platforms. If you or your brand wants to take an advantage of this 3D digital world- metaverse, here are some marketing strategies:

1. Provide an experience which is immersive and unique.
Metaverse builds on the internet and is not competing with it. Metaverse can allow you to create a virtual experience which is unique and still stick to the USP of the brand. This doesn’t mean that you’ve to do something completely different, you can replicate the brand’s real life position in the parallel universe.
Implementation could take time, however, the authenticity of the brand will remain. It’s safe to say that Disney’s plan to join metaverse to let users experience the rides and parks is the best example here.

2. Allowing customisable avatars.
Self expression is a trend of every decade, that’s even more true when it comes to metaverse. Let your brand allow customisable avatars. By optimising AR and 3D platforms, one can showcase brand’s merchandise as well as create the need to want them in real life. For instance, Gucci broke the internet by selling $4000 digital bag to an avatar which also increased their sales.

3. Offer collectibles which increase brand-recall.
Users on metaverse are very big on purchasing NFTs, especially when they’re put on a task to gain them. For instance, Coca-Cola set up a shop in the metaverse during International Friendship Day 2021. It launched an branded NFT collection which could be worn by avatars. However, they also let the winning bidder take home a retro fridge, stocked with the beverage. The company gained $575,000 through this.
The campaign helped the brand not only to create a brand re-call by engaging users for bidding but also gained profits from the metaverse.

4. Connect and interact differently.
Imagine being in the front row to watch your favourite singer perform. Well, some actually have in the metaverse. Users can engage like never before in a virtual world. Fornite, Wave, Meta, Roblox and Horizon World are just some platforms to host a virtual concert or an event. Users can buy tokens or branded NFTS to enter a world curated for them by you. Brands can rely on advertisements and collaborations with celebrities as well during such virtual events. Though the curation of campaigns and promotions can take time, it helps to increase referrals and customer loyalty.

With so much potential, should you be a part of metaverse? It is the place to be if you need to make your brand stand out in innovation as it’s the future. Be it advertising, selling digital tokens or allowing experiences available only in the virtual world, these marketing strategies can be a game changer.

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